Since 2011, we at Ecolite have been building up a happy clientele of CooLED customers, who insist on competitive pricing but will not tolerate low end mass market China products. We are very grateful for our pioneer customers that have given us a foothold in the marketplace and invite you to grow along with us. 

Our vision in LED lighting drove our expansion in 2012 to include a dedicated local assembly line in our operations. Needless to say, this came along with a stringent Quality Control component in line with the policies of our principals. Our subsequent growth in the Malaysian market with even more competitive pricing, better quality control and more customization for you. .

We pledge to continue building partnerships with resellers, installers and customers while providing long term, stable, and reliable integral technology products & services.


Our Quality Policy:

WE will produce only innovative, reliable & credible products to meet our customers' highest expectations, while continuing to improve and comply with laws & regulations.


Our Advantages:

- We can customize color temperature as special request (MOQ required) to meet lighting nuances and architectural designs

- Made to order bespoke Light housings and architectural detailing

- Solution provider 

- Energy efficient and durable TESTED systems

- 100% QC and ISO protocols (low return)



Our products are perfect in Indoor and outdoor lighting applications, Billboard, Signage, Housing, Office, Warehouses and Hospital, among others. Let us show you examples. In fact, call us for a Simulation Model and a cup of coffee.

lumiSP42000 330W LED Spot Light

lumiSP28000 220W LED Spot Light

lumiSP21000 165W LED Spot Light

lumiSP14000 110W LED Spot Light

lumiFL32000 215W LED Floodlight

lumiFL26000 205W LED Floodlight

lumiFL16000 125W LED Floodlight

lumiFL8300 65W LED Floodlight

lumiFL2800 27W LED Floodlight

lumiFL1400C 13.5W LED Floodlight

DC 12V/24V Input lumiFD16000 Floodlight

DC 12V/24V Input lumiFD8300 Floodlight

DC 12V/24V Input lumiFD2800 Floodlight

lumiHU26000 215W UFO LED High Bay

lumiHU20000 165W UFO LED High Bay

lumiHU13000 105W UFO LED High Bay

lumiHU8500 65W UFO LED High Bay

lumiHB28000 215W LED High Bay

lumiHB20000 165W LED High Bay

lumiHB13000 105W LED High Bay

lumiHB8500 65W LED High Bay

LE025 CooLED Light Engine 25W Indoor

LE025 CooLED Light Engine Outdoor IP65 25W

lumiST9000 75W 5700K LED Streetlight

lumiTC2500 18W 4' T8 LED Tube (Half Aluminium Profile)

lumiDN7000 60W 8''/10'' LED Downlight

lumiBA1500 12W LED Adjustable Downlight

lumiPL7800 60W LED Panel Light

lumiTL3000 28W LED Track Light

lumiST17000 150W LED Street Light

LE012 CooLED Light Engine Indoor 12W

lumiTC1600 12W 4' T8 LED Tube (Half Aluminium Profile)

LE012 CooLED Light Engine Outdoor IP65 12W

BA012 CooLED E27 Bulb 12W

HyBR200 CooLED 200W LED Hybrid Lighting

F3028 CooLED 28W LED Floodlight Lighting

lumiTC2000 15W 4' T8 Sensor Tube (Half Aluminium Profile)

lumiDN3800 30W 8''/10'' LED Downlight

HyBR300 CooLED 300W LED Hybrid Lighting

F3040 CooLED 33W LED Floodlight Lighting

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